Thursday, 14 May 2015

Marwa Shares her Feelings

We are learning different feelings in Te Reo Maori.  We had to show our feelings by taking selfies.  Here is Marwa's collection of feelings!  Kei te pehea koe?


  1. Hi Marwa,
    I love the way you have used a different language,
    I like the way you have done all your feelings,
    Guess what I feel angry when I don't sleep over my Nana's house.
    When do you get angry and sad?

  2. Hi room 9
    I just want to say well done on your presentation I like how you guys used different language keep on the fabulous work.

  3. Hi room 9
    Well done on the emotion presentation. I like how you used pictures for different images. Great Job

  4. Hi room 9,
    I like the way you put your feeling and you put different language keep room 9.

  5. Hi Marwa,
    I really like your presentation. It was a very creative way to share the different feelings. I might magpie your idea for my class in Christchurch. I hope you don't feel too makariri today.
    From Mrs Spragg
    Yaldhurst Model School Teacher

  6. Hi Marwa,
    I like how you put how you felt at the bottom of the page and how you put the backgrounds of how you felt.Maybe next time you could put a text that you could read .

  7. Hey Marwa, It's awesome how your learning Te Reo. Your backgrounds are awesome too, but you could do a couple more cause it would be awesome to see some more. :)

  8. hi MARWA i like the why you told us how you feel love acting pictures love by

  9. hi MARWA i like the why you told us how you feel love acting pictures love by

  10. WOW Marwa I LOVE your creative idea for taking selfies to express your feelings. My favourite one would have to be the lonely one because I just love how you chose that black and white effect, it expresses so much loneliness. It was a great presentation and Keep the Good work Up!!! ;)



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