Friday, 4 September 2015

Timeus' First Scratch Game!

We have been studying Practicing Peaceful Play - this means in real life and when playing games in our online life.  We explore making games ourselves and showed Whanaungatanga by sharing our games with others.  Scratch was the tool we used and we found this challenging but FUN!  Here is Timeus' maze game.  Can you make it to his yellow stars?


  1. Hello Timeus
    Nice game that you made on scratch. Try and improve your game to make look fancy.

  2. Hello Timeus,
    Nice game but next time do more levels and go throw it again because there is a lots of holes in the end that people can go throw it but nice game.

  3. hi timeus great game keep up your good work

  4. Hi room 9 good job I might play it lost of times.


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