Friday, 1 May 2015

Calais and Toma's Maungarei Myth

Long long ago in 1915, there were six ANZAC soldiers called Tolly, Pompom, Coco, Tangaroa, Kauri and Gaza. They were looking for some German enemies and some pig to eat.

Then they found some German soldiers hiding between the dark trees.  One of the German soldiers aimed a gun to the youngest ANZAC person - his name was Tolly.  He said, “Don't shoot me!”  Then another German man came and said, “Here are some gold gems.  Do not drop them, or else.”

Tolly - the youngest one - grabbed the gems then as they were running the oldest German soldier was shooting the ANZAC soldier, Coco. Coco saw a plan in his mind and said, “Run there!” They were running to kill Tolly, because he stole the gems from the German man.  Then the german man said, “Go! Go! Go!” They ran as fast as they could Totally didn’t know that he was dropping the gems as he was running.

The oldest brother said, “Where are the gems?” Then the youngest brother said, “I panicked so much that I dropped them when we were running away from the German enemies.”

Suddenly, it was raining and the ground was shaking underneath them. It was the gold gems!  They were really magical gems!  Then the brothers thought that they can call it the six ANZAC brothers of Maungarei mountain.


  1. Hi Calais and Toma,
    I really like your story about how Maungarei was formed using magic gems. It is a very good piece of creative writing.

  2. Hi Calais and Toma!,
    I really like your fantastic story about how Maungarei was formed using magical gems!!
    Fantastic creative writing!


  3. Hi Calais and Toma
    I like your story about how Maungarei was formed using Magical Gems
    Fantastic Powerful Writing!


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