Monday, 12 October 2015

Rocket Making - Our Big Reveal

Today Room 9 made straw rockets as part of our Big Reveal day for Inquiry.  We found out that this term, we will be exploring the topic of Earth and Beyond.

Through making straw rockets, we learned that the less air escaping, the more air pressure there was that would allow our 'rockets' to fly.  Some also found that shorter straws meant less space for the air to take to get to the paper and thought it made their rockets more powerful.  Some also found out that if they were too heavy from sellotape, they wouldn't fly as well.

We wonder how REAL rockets fly...We will find out as the term goes on!

(Sorry for low quality - still working out sharing systems between phone, google drive, youtube and blogger!)


  1. Hi Room 9,
    I like the way you have used straws instead of paper rockets,
    I hope I was there but I wasn't,
    But that looks like fun,
    Question: Did any of you in Room 9 Win a Prize?

  2. Hi room 9,
    I like that you guys made rockets with straws it might be really fun.Nice work keep it up.

  3. Hi room 8 This very good and i wish i can do good at that.

  4. Hi room 9,
    I like how you guysa made the straw rockets and produced it to us really nice, Nice work keep it up.

  5. Hello Room 9. Did you find out how rockets fly? We also learnt about rockets and Newton's law of gravity last year. It is really interesting stuff.


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