Thursday, 25 May 2017

Making Hanawiti - Making Sandwiches

Room 10 have been learning about making balanced choices with food for a healthy life.  Today we made hanawiti (sandwiches) to show how easy, balanced and filling healthier choices can be.

We made sandwiches with ham or luncheon, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and wholemeal bread.  Our oils and fats group was mayonaise and butter.

Some of us grated carrots for the first time today!  Some others tried to sneak in a sandwich with just the tiniest bit of lettuce, so we were challenged with our taste buds as well as our thinking about nutrition!

Check out some of our creations below...he namunamuā ā mātou hanawiti!

Here is Kīra's hanawiti!
Here is Lovey's hanawiti!
Here is Constance's hanawiti!
Here is Ricky's hanawiti!
Here is Kauri's hanawiti!
Here is Teresa's hanawiti!
Here is Perenara's hanawiti!


  1. Wow it looks amazing Room 10 those hanawhitis looks so taste I feel like grabbing them out of my netbook.

  2. Kia Ora Room 10! Its me Ella. Wow this looks Delicious! I like the way you have made a slide show to show the pictures instead of making the blog post really long with photos. Was the sandwitch yummy?
    Na Ella


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