Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Welcome to Room 9 2015!

What an amazing start to 2015!  Today, Room 9 started their learning about the Key Competencies. These are important to us because they are skills that we can practice, that will help us with our learning.  We can remember the Key Competencies by thinking about the acronym 'TRUMP' (Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding and using signs, symbols and texts, Managing Self and Participating and Contributing).

We created practiced our 'U' Key Competency by brainstorming and creating symbols to represent a given Key Competency out of modelling clay.  Check out our creations!

"The pink person is asking questions when they are not sure.  The red person is sitting up on the mat, ready to learn.  The blue person has their ears open to listen.  The yellow person feels proud that they have finished their work.  The white face is looking up and thinking about how to solve a problem." 
- Alethia, Toma and Timeus.

"This is a group of people that are connected because they are holding hands.  They are all shouting 'Yay!!' because they are happy that the lonely person joined in their team." - Frances, Mahara, Destiny and Ngatokorua.

"Symbols are all around us!  The heart represents feelings, the pen represents writing and creating symbols, the phone and tablet represent places you find symbols and the arrow represents directions.  There is a book with maths symbols because you use and see symbols a lot in maths too" 
-Marwa, Jose, and Cerenity. 

"The purple person is looking up while they are thinking.  The question mark represents asking questions.  The pink ball is a brain, because that's what we use to think!  The yellow person represents putting our hand up to share ideas.  The green book, you can see something scribbled out, because when we think, we think of ways to do it better and we recraft to make our work better." 
- Mary-Jane, Kauri and Dupri.

"These two people are connected and sharing knowledge, represented by the book in the middle.  The hearts represent that they are happy to make connections with each other." - Gary, Alone, Lizzy, and Kanye and Losana.


  1. Hi Room 9 I like the way you made those, How do you make it. :)

  2. Hi room 9 I love how you made those can you show me how to do it that will be so lovely you are the best

  3. Hi Room 9,
    I liked how relating to others shows love by being friendly and caring for others. For thinking I like how it shows a question mark to show that the person is thinking of something to do.

    Great Job

    Keep Up The Creative Work!!

  4. Hello room 9 I don't how you do that you should tell people how you do it so everybody knows.


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